Teen Life

Okaaaay. You guys may say, “Oh she’s too young to understand love.” Just because I’m 14 and in 8th grade. But i don’t care. He’s the one. I know he is. I’ve dated alooott of guys for my age. And when you find “the one” you just get this feeling. Well I’ve never felt this way about anyone. He IS the one. Once again, i know he is. We are so close. We’ve been best friends ever since we were 5. I went to his school up until 3rd grade and then I moved. He just now told me that he loved me, ever since he remembered. I forgot about him until about a year ago, i visited my old town and he was there. It. Was. Love. At. First. Sight. I know it was. It was like, a fairytale. Welll kinda off topic we’ve been dating for almost 3 months now. My dad always told me, “When you know, you know. And when you find that person you wont even think about cheating, lying, or any of that.” And. I know. <3


Most recently I’ve learned you can’t trust anyone. Not even your family. I’ve trusted too many peple in my life, and I’m getting to the part in life when you start to figure out who your real friends are, and who is really there for you through the good times and hard times. Even though it may not be the prettiest, smartest, most athletic, funniest person ever, they sure are there for you. I’m gonna be honest. My best guy friend isn’t hot. He’s not even cute. But he’s is surely there for me when i need him. And that’s what friends are for right?


My earliest human memory was when i lived at my first house in Camden my family and I were eating spagetti, so i went into the kitchen to get cheese and i took off all my clothes and ran to my grandmas. Naked. Embarassing right? ;)